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Semiconductor Simulation

Semiconductor simulation is a great way to test new circuit configurations--without having to test them! Semiconductor testing is often very time-consuming, as circuits must be built and rebuilt until the proper performance is attained. Such labor-intensive work can rob one of both time and patience.

Semiconductor simulation is not nearly as frustrating. One can create simulations all day long, as long as one's fingers are in good shape. One need not build a circuit until one finds a design that works. The simulation program really saves one a lot of unnecessary labor.

Semiconductor Simulation: High Tech, Low Hassle

Flexsim gives programmers the option to create semiconductor simulations before building anything. This advanced software has received great reviews for its performance. Lots of different kinds of users have garnered great results and valuable information with the use of Flexsim.

Flexsim software may be able to handle the most difficult kinds of simulations, but that doesn't mean that it is difficult to use. Our support staff provides the most comprehensive consulting services in the business. You get a lot more with Flexsim than just software. To find out just how much Flexsim can offer, give us a call at (801) 224-6914. We are also available to answer questions over e-mail, at Whether you have questions about simulations or software, look to us for the answers you seek.

Flexsim Simulation Software

Simulation, experimentation, and optimization are the core technologies used by organizations to improve production output and decrease associated costs. With Flexsim Simulation Software, end-users can create a computerized 3-dimensional model that behaves like the actual system it represents. A simulation model of any manufacturing or material handling system or process can be created using Flexsim's drag and drop model building objects. Flexsim can determine the capacity of an entire plant, a single manufacturing line, or warehouse. Flexsim can balance labor and equipment requirements. Flexsim can be used to manage bottlenecks, solve excessive work-in-process problems, justify capital expenditures, establish proper inventory levels, improve order picking systems, and optimize production rates. The power and beauty of Flexsim is that your ideas for improving a process can be simulated, tested, and justified prior to implementing them in the actual system. The results of each simulation can be analyzed graphically through 3D animation, and through statistical reports and graphs, which are both excellent for communicating a model's purpose and results to both technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Roughly half of all Fortune 500 companies use Flexsim, including Ball Aerospace, Bechtel, Bose, Daimler Chrysler, Delphi Automotive, DHL, Discover Financial Services, Federal Express, General Mills, Meridian Automotive, Michelin, Northrop Grumman, Seagate Technology, Siemens, TRW, United Technologies, WW Grainger, The Federal Reserve Bank, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA, Sandia National Laboratory, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army.

In working with companies over the past decade, one characteristic that always surfaces in those companies that have been well managed over time is a "bias for action." They are companies always looking for methods, people, and tools that will help them improve what they do and how they do it. Simulation is the single most pragmatic behavior that innovative companies can apply to improving their ongoing processes. It's both a tool and practice that has the potential to immediately generate a two, ten, or hundred-fold return. We invite you to use Flexsim and begin to realize these amazing benefits of simulation.

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Flexsim Simulation Software

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